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What does a sports massage therapist do?


The term “sports massage” may conjure up images of massage therapists at work on professional athletes in their dugout or locker room before or after a big game. Yet sports massage is not just for athletes anymore! It was developed for athletes, to address injuries and optimize their athletic functioning. However, it has become a discipline dedicated to preventing and healing injuries in people regardless of athletic level. If a client has chronic pain, has an injury, or suffers from limitations in the mobility of their muscles, tendons and joints, they may benefit from sports massage.


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 Techniques of a Sports Massage Therapist


Sports massage is adapted from Swedish massage. However, it is ideal for someone who wants the therapist to focus on a specific “problem area” since it is not generally used as a full-body massage technique. Instead, the therapist will focus on one or two areas that are causing the client pain or limited mobility. This is ideal for people who are having pain or tightness limited to one area of the body and want all of their massage session to be focused on that area. Sports massage aims to increase lympathic drainage and blood flow, enhancing healing and preventing injury.

Sports massage can be done before an athletic event to stimulate and warm up the muscles. It can be applied post-event to relax and restore the muscles and tendons. A session can be done when an athlete is training to prevent injuries. In the case of an injury or other chronic pain, it can be used in a rehabilitation capacity with the aim of reducing pain and restoring normal function. For non-athletes, it can be used to address specific injuries or areas of pain, such as a pulled muscle, tendonitis, “tennis elbow” whether it’s from tennis or from other repetitive motions, or back pain.

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Canadian College of Massage Hydrotherapy
Location (s) : Calgary
Offers training for registry in massage therapy. Specialization in Clinical Assessment, Pharmacology. Training program covers topics in Myology, Anatomy & Physiology, Practice Management, Communication, Exercise, Ergonomics, Research Methods, Biomechanics.
Programs/Degrees :
Registered Massage Therapist 1000 Hour Program
Registered Massage Therapist 2,200 Hour Program