How can I balance a massage career with young kids?


Young children demand a great deal of time and energy from their parents, and often leave mom or dad feeling exhausted when the day isn’t even half way over. How, then, can you manage a massage career with young children? Massage is actually a very popular career choice for parents of young children, and one of the easiest careers to pursue when you seek to be able to spend time with your children but also to support your family.


Massage careers tend to offer great flexibility. A massage therapist in private practice, or in some group practices,medical rehab offices and spas, can set their own schedule to accommodate their family’s needs. They can often make enough money to afford to work part-time, which is most parents’ dream. Depending on where you work, some massage jobs can even give you access to affordable health insurance for yourself or your family and paid vacation and sick time. You may end up owning your own business which will provide even more control over when and where you work.


You will need to arrange reliable childcare for the times when you are working. This might mean working only during hours that your children are in school, or putting a child in daycare. It might mean asking a spouse or family member to watch your child or children one evening a week so you can see evening clients. It may be useful to identify someone who can watch your children if they are home sick from school or have a day off for a holiday so that you know you won’t have to miss work except in a true emergency.


Massage appointments tend to occur in peaceful, low-stress spaces that are conducive to health and wellness. Unlike most professionals, as a massage therapist you will get to spend your working hours in a calm, healing-focused environment… and what could be better for a stressed out parent than that?