Being a single mom is a hard job even for someone with a great support system and a well-paying job with a flexible schedule and benefits. For people with additional stressors, such as school or financial stress, it can be even more challenging. However, many single moms before you have successfully graduated massage school and gone on to have rewarding careers as massage therapists. As a career path that offers great pay and flexible hours, a massage career can be a perfect choice for a single parent.


Massage school can be demanding, but it is absolutely possible to juggle school with motherhood. Consider speaking with other single moms or dads who have gone to massage school while their children are young, especially those who have completed a similar online massage degree program. They may be able to offer you insight and tips that will be very valuable.


If you are working while going to massage school you will need to decide if you are going to work full-time or part-time, and go to school full-time or part-time. Choose a program that works for you and your parenting and work schedules. Speak openly with your boss about whether any flexibility is possible at your job to accommodate the additional demands of school.


Identifying a support system is key. Speak with family and friends about whether they can offer you an evening a week, or even an hour here or there, for you to go to classes or do some studying. Create a schedule that takes into account your childrens’ schedules, your work and school schedules, when you have childcare, and times that you will be able to study without interruption. Don’t forget to add to that schedule times when you can commit to spending time with your kids and giving them 100% of your attention, since your attention will be spread across many areas during most of the week.


Make sure you have time to study without your children around, whether that is during your child’s sports practice or if you have to hire a babysitter so you can sit in a coffeeshop with your books for a few hours. Some parents study after their children have left for school but before they go to work. Others study at home at night after the children are asleep. Some purposely schedule time to stay on campus in between classes to study in a neutral environment that doesn’t have the distractions that home does.  Lunch breaks at work can also be used productively.


Remember that your choice to go to massage school will, in the long run, help yourself and your children because you will be able to have the flexible schedule you’ve always dreamed of and be able to comfortably support your family. You are making a short-term sacrifice to achieve a long-term goal, and your children will be better off because of it.