Looking to go back to school but wondering how you're going to pay for it?


How to pay for Massage School


Now that you are considering pursuing a career in massage, you are likely wondering how to pay for massage school. Tuition varies greatly depending on the school you choose, so contacting all of the massage schools in your area for tuition information is an important first step.


Once you have calculated the costs, including textbooks, uniforms and other supplies, consider whether you have any money saved that can be used for these costs and whether you may be able to receive financial support from a parent or other family member.


Next you can look into grants and scholarships. Federal grants or loans are only available from accredited colleges, so research which schools in your area are federally accredited. Regardless of accreditation, the massage school may offer its own scholarships that you can apply for. Ask to speak to the financial aid office at your school, where a counselor may be able to help walk you through the options available to you.


They may even have information about private scholarships you can apply for. Whatever tuition cannot be paid through savings, gifts, or scholarships, may be able to be paid through a payment program that allows you to avoid laying out the entire tuition fee up front.

Many students pay for massage school by working part-time during their education. Consider looking for part-time work, whether at the school itself or at another company. Schools sometimes hire students to book appointments for the student clinic or to fill work-study positions.